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Porsche Club of America, Riesentöter Region
                                                    Executive Board Members 2016

    The Porsche Club of America started in 1955 with only 15 members and now boasts over 113,000 members
    nationwide. The second region to be founded—Riesentöter (loosely translating to Giant Killer auf Deutsch)
    serves over is a whimsical reference to the race track might of the smaller Porsche over the larger Corvettes,
    Ferraris, and Jaguars of the day. Sixty years later, club activities continue to be managed by volunteers with a
    passion for Porsches and who understand that above all else—it’s not just the cars, it’s the people.

 If you’d like to contribute to the Porsche Club of America’s mission of safety, education, comradely and fellowship or see an
 open position that you may be interested in, please send us an email us at

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