Page 26 - Der Gasser - Summer 2016
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Marktplatz  Member classifieds are free to PCA members for occasional sales of personally owned items and
            run from date received for two issues unless cancelled. Porsche vehicles for sale may be accom-
            panied by one small photograph. Copy and cancellations must be received in writing by US mail or
            e-mail to with the subject line “Der Gasser Classifieds”. Other vehicles may be
            offered for sale by members at the cost of $10 for two issues; check for payment made out to
            “RTR PCA” must accompany your copy. Commercial classifieds are available to businesses within
            the Riesentöter region for the sale of Porsche cars, parts, or accessories. Commercial classifieds
            are available at a cost of $20 per issue, limit 25 words.

            SEATS FOR DE

                                                             2014 911 FOR SALE

            BRAKE CALIPERS


            CAYENNE WHEELS          1974 911 FOR SALE

            PORSCHE BOOKS           CAR COVER FOR 1983 911 SC TARGA

26 Summer 2016
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